What if all is very, very well already?

Open the curtains and become aware of the light that you are

Suppose someone were to ask you what kind of life you would like. You probably wouldn’t reply saying ‘I want a hard and heavy existence in which I feel lonely and alone, while pretending that I am successful and happy because I don’t want people to know that I am stuck.’

More likely you will say something like ‘I would love to have a light and easy existence in which I am surrounded by people I trust with my life as they do me, while I feel fulfilled in developing who I am and what I am capable of.’

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A lighter life within easy reach

The verb ‘to alight’ may be a bit old-fashioned, although British train conductors still invite their passengers to alight the train. That is also what gave me the idea for this book – if we alight the train of our thoughts, we may know ourselves a light already. The great wisdom traditions tell us that we are manifestations of light. Of the one endlessly radiating light. The all light, so to speak.

Lightening up moment to moment

Drawing on my personal and professional experience, in Alight I go into the spiritual principle of light living. The book contains stories of people who from being troubled have uplifted their lives. It also contains 9 simple exercises to become more ‘light-footed, light-headed and light-hearted’ straight away, all in the very best sense of the word.

– Discover what it means to really be “in the now”
– Learn how to perceive yourself (and othersP without judging.
– Live your life on course to your destination.

  • “Your book is amazing! When I was studying Psychology one of the principles we learned was: every fear is fear of death. At first that sounded pretty intense to me. Later I got to understand that in fact it’s true. If only I could have read your book then. Because reading it feels like a shot of pure oxygen.”

    Els Kikke, Transpersonal Psychologist and Author
  • “I have known Lisette Schuitemaker for many years and I have always admired her inquisitive attitude. Remarkably, it seems like she is getting younger each year. More and more open to life, fully embracing and accepting what is. Fortunately, she also has a way with words. In this book, Lisette is able to merge the worlds of lightness and darkness into a clear and tangible whole.”

    Tijn Touber, Author of Age of Enlightenment & Initiator Cities of Light
  • “This book reminds us who we are. That realization can help us to live our highest potential at any time.”

    Peter Merry, author of Evolutionary Leadership
  • “In this turbulent world where many experience uncertainty and insecurity, Lisette Schuitemaker sheds a light with wise insights, probing questions and inspiring glimpses. Use this book to create your own recipe for a fun and fearless life!”

    Jurriaan Kamp, co-founder and editor of the Intelligent Optimist
  • “Alight is a delight – that rare thing, a self-development book with a fresh perspective and new ideas. Underpinned by the idea that we are all part of one light source, Lisette Schuitemaker offers a range of insights, case studies and exercises for the reader. I particularly enjoyed learning how to confront and neutralize the inner critical voice(s) we all experience.”

    Lucy McCarraher, author of The Real Secret

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