Italian edition of The Childhood Conclusions Fix

I am delighted to announce that the Italian edition of The Childhood Conclusions Fix will be published in January 2019. They gave it the title L’ho creduto sin da bambino Le cinque convinzioni limitanti che ci portiamo dietro dall’infanzia or I believed this as a child – the five limiting beliefs we carry with us since our childhood

Thank you, all at Editizioni Amrita for this wonderful edition.

3rd Eldest Daughter Retreat 9-12 March, 2019 at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland

Come join us for the 3rd edition of the Eldest Daughter Retreat, which provides a life-affirming opportunity to meet other firstborn women and reflect on our role as the eldest daughters. The 3,5 days will be a deep dive into what drives you personally and professionally. Through the expert facilitation of Gill Emslie we will become more conscious of our eldest daughter patterns – also through seeing them acted out by the other participants. We will also have time to participate in the Findhorn schedule of meditations, to be in nature and by the sea and exchange on topics close to our heart with women of the tribe we belong to without having known it.

Here you’ll find more information as well as the registration form.

Conversation with Linda Mackenzie

On August 7, Lisette joined Linda Mackenzie for a conversation on The Eldest Daughter Effect. Yes, the host of this weekly fun, informative and entertaining program navigating natural health and spirit is a firstborn woman, too. Linda agreed that it was time we as eldest daughters had a book written about us. In the lively conversation we touched on the dynamics between parents and the 1st born, the big 5 characteristics of eldest daughters and our need to be perfect, how we like work with a purpose and hints on what works best for us in love.

The Childhood Conclusions Fix reviewed in Kindred Spirit

Turning Negative Self-Talk Around

“Our most negative self-talk hides our most precious gifts,” says Lisette Schuitemaker, author of The Childhood Conclusions Fix. In this easy read she provides insight into how we can turn persistent restrictive self-talk around so we can shine in the gifts that lie on the other side of it.

TEDx Talk

Using world leaders as examples, in this engaging and funny TEDx Talk Lisette Schuitemaker shares powerful insights into how our place in the birth order forms and shapes us – and how we can avoid the birth order blind spot. Her talk ends with 3 tips on how to navigate family gatherings and have a great time with our siblings.

Family & Relationships Finalist

The Eldest Daughter Effect has been named a Family & Relationships finalist in Foreword Reviews’ 2016 #ForewordINDIES Book of the Year Awards. In a competition with over 1500 other entrants, it’s pretty great to have made it this far. Fingers crossed for the winner announcements at the end of June.

Emotions Matter Podcast

Entrepreneurs, Scientists and Experts share their thoughts on emotions, life, work, society and well-being on Emotions Matter Podcast. In this episode Lisette Schuitemaker talks about How your role in the Family affects your personal an professional life. Read the whole item here.

The Telegraph interview

Am I more successful because I’m the eldest child?

Dr Ana Nuevo-Chiquero, from the University of Edinburgh team that led the study, said: “As the household gets bigger, [parents’] time has to be split with younger children, so they miss out on the advantage of being an only child for a time. “It doesn’t mean firstborns get more love – that stays the same.

Radio interview - Breakfast with Erica

After having worked in radio, Erica Longdon became a healer working with angels and sound. She has written a lovely novel ‘In pursuit of perfect timing’ and now does radio shows on spiritual and personal development on 12Listen. She still has the amazing voice, and the interesting questions! I sat on the virtual breakfast table with her, coming in at about minute 21.

Listen to the engaging radio conversation with Erica from minute 21!

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