A Test

May 31, 2017 - 1 minute read
Do you dare to bring your innate gifts to fruition? Or does your negative self-talk keep you from being fully alive? A positive present begins with identifying what keeps us from living our gifts.

When we are small, we draw big conclusions about the world around us and our role in it. The five childhood conclusions go on to produce persistent negative thought loops that, for instance, tell us we don’t belong or that we aren’t good enough. Even if we’ve entertained the same thought a thousand times, that doesn’t make it true.

Within a few minutes this test provides insight in the predominant childhood conclusions that you have drawn as well as in the gifts you are likely to have. The resulting descriptions contain pointers for how to turn negative thoughts into a positive present. You’ll find more about this in my book Turning Negative Self-Talk into a Positive Present – Revisiting our Childhood Conclusions (due October 2017)

1.I don’t readily trust people
2.I keep my feelings bottled and corked
3.I tend to have my head in the clouds
4.I am often afraid to be found out as a fake
5.I don’t possess much patience
6.I am not given to confronting myself
7.I have an original outlook
8.I find it hard to shape my life the way I would like
9.I always want more
10.I like to make known who is boss
11.I pay attention to detail
12.I am generally able to handle more than other people
13.I find it hard to ask for what I need
14.I have a lot of empathy and compassion
15.I am a strategic thinker
16.I have difficulty making true contact with people
17.I am afraid I am not good enough
18.I watch everything and everybody
19.I think it is important to behave properly
20.In a difference of opinion I will quickly concede
21.I want things done my way
22.I find it hard to finish what I started
23.I do what needs doing
24.Making choices is an issue for me
25.I frequently feel that I don’t belong

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